”The Tree of Life exists somewhere in the world… If you consume its fruit, you will be granted eternal life”. This is the story of a young girl and her friends’ quest to discover this legend.
Muguet, a young herbalist, is afflicted by a “”dead tree curse”” that gradually transforms her body into that of a tree. Following her separation from her grandmother, Muguet embarks on a daring journey to locate the Tree of Life alongside Popo, a forest monster whose body sprouts vegetation.
Throughout their journey, Muguet harnesses the power of the plants growing from Popo to heal the sick and injured, and to confront malevolent forces.
Yet, they encounter new adversaries along the way, all seeking to control the Tree of Life.
Will Muguet succeed in protecting the Tree of Life?


The theme of this film is ‘love that deepens only because of our separation’.
The main character, Muguet, discovers the love of those around her that she failed to notice in everyday life by departing from her hometown and embarking on a journey.
We hope this story will help you recognize the significance of even the smallest moments and inspire you to seek out your family and loved ones.


Format:90minCGI AnimationMOVIE
Screen time:90分
Genre:Adventure & Human Drama
Target:Age 8 and up & Family


Original:Kayou Fujimaki
Produce:Mizuki Saitoh
ConceptArt:Kazuhiro Oya
Cooperation:Shiki Matsuki