The story illustrates how a cat and a human rebuild their friendship and grow as a human (cat) being. Jin, a stray cat who was abandoned after a fire, and Aki, who regrets not being able to save him.
They happen to meet again at a zoo, and this time they can speak the same language! “CHAT FOOD”, a secretly developed food enabled animals to speak human language.
Jin slowly opens up as he communicates with Aki, the zoo animals, and the zookeeper, Mugi. However, their every life is threatened by Jonathan, the zoo owner who plans to create military animal force using CHAT FOOD, manipulating the animals. Jin and Aki team up with their animal friends to stop Jonathan’s evil plans.


This story portrays humans and animals interacting and communicating with each other using the same language,which is impossible in the real world. However, just because we can understand each other’s words, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can convey our hearts.
The show emphasizes the importance of Expressing our hearts with sincere action, and we hope that children around the world will learn how to tell their hearts to other people or animals. We believe this anime will help children to grow up their maturity.


Format:CGI Animation Movie
Screen time:90 min
Genre:Comedy&Heart Warming


Original: Kazuyuki ISHIHARA
Script: Takahiro NAGANO
Character Design: Gurihiru
Concept Art: Kazuhiro OYA
Production:StudioGOONEYS, Inc.
Cooperation: Makoto MIZUSAWA, Kei YASHIRO


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